Ticket Purchase

Calculate Your Wins

Direct 1-5
Lowest Ticket Cost Game Stake Amount Amount to Win
GHC1 Direct 1 x40 GHC40
GHC1 Direct 2 (2 Sure) x240 GHC240
GHC1 Direct 3 x2,100 GHC2,100
GHC1 Direct 4 x6,000 GHC6,000
GHC1 Direct 5 x44,000 GHC44,000
Perm 2&3
Game Numbers to Match Stake Amount
Perm 2 Match 2 numbers in any order x240
Perm 3 Match 3 numbers in any order x2,100
Banker to All
Banker to All 1 Sure Number (any number from 1-90) 4x240