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Frequently Asked Quetions


What is the duration of the campaign?

This Game is played on all days except Sundays. Winning draws are done at 6.30pm each day >> This is a numbers game of chance, where a player can choose 5 (five) numbers out of 90 i.e. from 1-90; hence 5/90.

What is the short code for 5/90?

USSD - *959# on all networks

How can I start participating?

To start participating, dial *959# on all networks and follow the simple steps to place your stake.

Is it open to all network users to participate?

This game is Open to ALL Network users (with mobile money accounts) except Glo.

Can I play this game online?

Yes! To play, log on to the 590 homepage and register online by inputting your details (name, phone number, password and nationality) to sign in.
After signing in, select the Game Type to place your stake of stipulated amount you want.
A dashboard with your selected mode of payment appears.
Payment after shows your balance, game type staked and other relevant details on your own page.

How many points do I win with my answers?

This game is not a point-based game.

What is the cost of every SMS that I send to 959 or game I play via *959#?

There is no charge on the SMS or USSD. Apart from the payment you do to place your stake, there are no other costs.

Are the Cash Prizes transferable?

No But once cash is sent to your mobile money, you can use it to do whatever you want

How and where do I claim my cash prize?

All Cash prizes are paid directly to the Winner’s Mobile Money wallet

Do I need to claim the Cash Prize immediately after I make a win?

If you win, you will receive a confirmation SMS and a mobile money prompt deposit within 24 hours

How much does it cost to play?

The stake to participate in the draw each day except Sundays is between GHC 1 to GHC 50 for Direct 1-5 and GHC 1 to GHC 200 for PERMUTATION and you can place many stakes you want in a day to increase your chances of winning.

Which keyword can I send to opt-out?

This is not a subscription game.

What is the cost of every SMS that I send to 959 or game I play via *959#?

There is no charge on the SMS or USSD. You only pay for your stake.

I receive a lot of SMS for the game “NLA 590” Campaign. Do I pay for those?

No. All messages you received from this campaign are free of charge.

What are the prizes?

This is a cash only game. The different prizes you can get from the game are:
-Instant prizes every day (Corresponding to your stake times the odds of the game, up to 44,000X)
-Special promotions offers (Free tickets, best players cash gift etc…)

How many prizes are given away?

The Maximum amount to win everyday is up to GHC 8,800,000. And prizes are distributed to all players who are matching 1- 5 numbers out of 90.

Can a winner of a prize win again another prize?

Yes, Winners can win again! There is no limit to number of winning ways. A player can win many ways depending on the number of permutations one has placed on a stake and the amount he/she has staked.

If I win, will I receive the cash prize immediately

Yes and within 24 hours. Once your Original/Winning Numbers are drawn you will receive a notification for deposit on your mobile money wallet for instant cash prize won per our terms and conditions